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ProMES® - Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System

ProMES is a highly effective management system for measuring and improving the productivity, effectiveness, and overall performance of people in organisations. It was invented by the Industrial and Organisational Psychologist Robert D. Pritchard, professor emeritus at the University of Central Florida.

Following the principle “work smarter, not harder“, establishing ProMES leads to significant gains in productivity and noticeable improvements concerning job satisfaction, team climate and reduced stress. To do ProMES, a sophisticated system of measuring performance is developed by the people doing the work and then feedback on these measures is used to help personnel improve their performance.

Over 100 documented applications world-wide show the versatility of ProMES. Prominent users of ProMES are organisations like 3M, GfK, Leica Microsystems, the US Air Force or the insurance company Swisslife. Organisations working with ProMES build on participation, know how to use the potential of their employees and create a positive and motivating working environment. Supervisors in middle management get an established method, with which they can keep an eye on the performance of their teams and divisions. Top-management have an optimal overview of the organisation and use the productivity-index for goal-oriented and strategic management.

ProMES sees to it that scarce resources are being used effectively and makes room for ideas, innovations and development.