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Motivation for a Lifetime

Bob Pritchard is a Professor Emeritus of Organisational Psychology and Management at the University of Central Florida. He received his Bachelor's degree from UCLA and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He has been on the faculty of Purdue University, the University of Houston, and Texas A&M University. He has worked in the area of motivation and performance in organisations for over 35 years and has published 7 books and over 90 articles on the subject. His award-winning research program has developed techniques for improving motivation and organisational effectiveness that have been used by many organisations in the US and in other countries.

He has received several research awards including the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP) in 2002 for his work on motivation and performance. He is a Fellow in the American Psychological Association and in the American Psychological Society. He has been Chairman of the Society of Organisational Behaviour and President of the Houston Association of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists. He is the Editor of the SIOP Organisational Frontiers book series.

Recent Publications

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