Annual Digital Conference 2021

Over decades, ProMES has been shown as the most powerful performance management system we have (DeNisi & Murphy, 2017). However, the authors are demanding more evidence regarding the impact of such systems on financial success.
This year, we were hoping to announce a live event in Boston respectively a hybrid event in the US and Europe. Since the statistics don’t look like traveling around the globe is going to be easy this summer and since we made such positive experiences with last year’s digital conference, we decided to organize an online event again in July, 20-21, 2021.
Looking back at the feedback of last year and considering our personal experience, we are very confident that the conference is going to be a memorable and successful event.
If you are planning to join the conference please register via Eventbrite until June, 30.


It will be free of charge for members of the ProMES ICC. If you want to become a member, please send the application form to

Since we are facing time differences, especially in America and Europe, we created a rather flexible schedule. To coordinate all the attendants from different time zones, we will start on Tuesday at 3pm (CEST), followed by another day of group work and discussions all around ProMES. If you are from another part of the world, please decide whether you want to follow the European or the American timeline.

METHODS: The Impact of ProMES on Financial Success
This year’s invited speaker Wayne Cascio, PhD, is the most distinguished researcher on the effects of HR initiatives on financial success. He is an American industrial-organizational psychologist, a Distinguished Professor at the Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership at University of Colorado Denver Business School and former President of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (1992 to 1993). Prof. Cascio is going to talk about the investments in people and the financial impact of human resource methods. We are looking forward to discussing and finding new ways of estimating the impact of ProMES on organizational success.

Free of charge for members of ProMES ICC. Annual membership fee is 100€ and can be applied here.
If you wish to not become a ProMES ICC member you can also choose a one-time conference fee of 150€ (+tax).

This year's hosts are Brandon L. Young, PhD, Psynet Group (Denver, Colorado, USA) and Dr. Colin Roth, BlackBox/Open (Nuremberg, Germany).


10th Anniversary Digital Conference 2020

Due to the global pandemic, our 10th anniversary ProMES-ICC conference from July 21-22, 2020 was a virtual event. Anyhow, we experienced positive vibes, inspiring topics, and a diverse group composition as any other year in the past. We looked into an agile method that is closely connected to the ProMES methodology. We had a deeper look into OKR (Objective and Key Results). OKR is a group goal setting methodology that is now widely used in agile teams across the globe. In our conference, we were learning more about how OKR works in detail, what is behind the method and discussed about commonalities and differences to ProMES. As every year, we also learned more about recent research in ProMES and look into new developments of ProMES software tools. Last, but not least we had a lot of fun, positive vibes, and another great opportunity to share our passion for the application of evidence based practice in organizations.

Thanks to Colin Roth from BlackBox/Open (Germany) for hosting the online event.

Here you can download the agenda.

Annual Conference 2019 in Leipzig, Germany

The 9th annual conference of ProMES ICC took place in Leipzig, Germany. ProMES facilitators from all over the world were gathering at the brand new Design Offices Leipzig-Post. This year, we've used Lego Serious Play during the workshop, building new concepts and ideas for future applications of ProMES. As a special event, we've visited Jenaer Antriebstechnik, a tech firm where ProMES is running across the whole organization. We were also very happy to welcome new members, Melanie Schäfer and Moritz Reichert from BlackBox/Open (Germany) and Henrik Malm from ProMES International Sweden. As every year, we took some days off afterwards on a road trip to the beautiful city of Dresden.

Thanks to Hartwig Fuhrmann from t-velopment for organizing a professional, interesting, and lively event.

Here you can download the agenda.

Annual Conference 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden

The 8th annual conference of ProMES ICC took place in Stockholm, Sweden. ProMES facilitators from Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, and the USA were gathering at Freys Hotel in the heart of Stockholm. For the first time in the groups history, we welcomed a member from Latin America. Leonard Mertens from Simapro has contributed largely to the establishment of ProMES in Latin America over the past three decades. We were also very happy to welcome our new member, Diana Rus from Creative Peas (NL). With her extensive experiences in Work Place Innovation she was a great asset to another inspiring conference. As every year, we took some days off afterwards on a ferry trip to Helsinki.

Three workshops on specific ProMES topics were offered by the ProMES ICC board members Hartwig Fuhrmann, Brandon Young, and Colin Roth. New developments in research and practice were presented and discussed. We all experienced vivid discussions on the ProMES methodology and an open and positive atmosphere.

Thanks to Kenneth Malm from ProMES International Sweden for organizing the event.

Here you can download the agenda.

Annual Conference 2017 in Berne, Switzerland

The 7th annual conference of ProMES ICC took place in Berne, Switzerland. ProMES facilitators from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA were gathering at the Hotel 'Innere Enge' in Switzerlands beautiful capital. We also welcomed an internal ProMES facilitator from a client in Germany and the project manager of a large scale ProMES project with the National Health Service in Great Britain.

Three workshops on specific ProMES topics were offered by the ProMES ICC board members Mauro Minelli, Hartwig Fuhrmann, and Colin Roth. A research project on ProMES and Job Crafting led by Evangelia Demerouti from TU Eindhoven was presented and discussed. We all experienced vivid discussions on the ProMES methodology and an open and positive atmosphere at the beautiful city office of effex.

Thanks to Mauro Minelli and the effex team for organizing a professional, interesting, and lively event.

Here you can download the agenda.

Annual Conference 2016 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The 6th annual conference of ProMES ICC took place in Glenwood Springs, Colorado (USA). ProMES facilitators from Germany (Hartwig Fuhrmann, Colin Roth, Yasmin Schmelzer, Sabrina Ulrich), Sweden (Kenneth Malm), and Switzerland (Mauro Minelli) met with facilitators and new members from the US: Brandon Young and Ryan Siemer from Collaborative Scale, Natalie Dixon and Charles Buresch from CIC Planning Group. Also it was a great pleasure and honor that the inventor of ProMES joined us: Robert D. Pritchard!

We discussed various topics on ProMES: How can ProMES be applied in large scale organizations? How can ProMES be effectively merged with advancing digitalization? How can ProMES be used for individuals? “Truly Accomplished” from the United States and “G.Y.M. - Get Yourself Motivated” by BlackBox/Open in Germany are two approaches that already use the ProMES methodology and its motivation theory to help individuals take control of their lives, manage their time, improve productivity, and achieve personal goals.

Here you can download the agenda.

Thanks to the organizing committee Brandon Young, Colin Roth, Yasmin Schmelzer and Sabrina Ulrich. We're looking forward to next year, when Mauro Minelli will host the 7th ProMES ICC conference in Switzerland from July 17-19, 2017 - Grüezi!

ProMES ECC partners at the EAWOP WorkLAB 2015 - Effectively employing mindfulness interventions at work

This years EAWOP WorkLAB took place in Nuremberg, Germany. Our group participated at an exciting workshop programme focusing on the role and effectiveness of mindfulness interventions in the workplace. Academic mindfulness expert Dr. Ute Hülsheger and mindfulness practitioner Marina Grazier presented the idea of mindfulness as an intervention to not only enhance wellbeing but also performance and human motivation. Find more information on EAWOP and the WorkLABs for practitioners here.

Annual Conference 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany

This year's annual meeting took place in Nuremberg at the BlackBox/Open office. The main topic of the meeting was 'Pitfalls of ProMES'. Two international guests were also invited to the conference. Dr Brandon Young from Breakthroughs, USA and Robert Terry from ASKEurope, UK came to discuss their experiences with ProMES and new ideas for implementation. Thanks to our hosts from BlackBox/Open Yasmin Schmelzer, Sabrina Ulrich, and Colin Roth for an inspiring and intensive 3 day workshop!

Here you can download the agenda.

Around Leadership - The Latest Book by our Founding Partner Patrick Vermeren

Patrick Vermeren (PerCo, Belgium), Co-Founder of ProMES ECC has recently published a new book on leadership. It is our pleasure to present this well elaborated piece of management literature on the ECC platform. Increase your leadership influence and update your leadership practices with this comprehensive and accessible leadership handbook based on the very latest evidence-based research.

What you will learn from this book:
·Transformational Leader
Become a more transformation leader by understanding and adopting the Inspirational, Coaching and Participative leadership styles.

·Motivating others
Learn how to apply the latest motivation theory - Self Determination Theory (SDT) - based on the need for: belongingness, competence and autonomy.

·Evidence-based Leadership
Adopt modern management practices - replace popular but not evidence-based organisational practices that have proved to be ineffective and even reduce organisational performance?

·Surveys & feedback
Provide better feedback via accurate surveys and feedback techniques

·Practical Tips
Extensive practical techniques and tips are presented for changing ineffective leadership styles

Official webpage
Buy the book on Amazon

Welcome to our new Advisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Evangelia Demerouti, Eindhoven University of Technology

We're delighted to welcome Evangelia Demerouti as a new advisory board member of ProMES ECC. Professor Demerouti is one of the currently most influential scientists in both stress and job crafting research. She is well-known in the scientific community for her outstanding work on health promotion in the work setting. As Full Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, she is dedicated to occupational health, performance enhancement, and social innovation. Her research excels in a large number of high-impact publications. Here you can find more information about Evangelia Demerouti

The interplay of productivity, health, and success

ProMES Workshop at the FAU Summer School in Nuremberg

The 2014 FAU summer school was held at the historical „Ludwig-Erhard-Haus“ in the city centre of Nuremberg. The mission of the event was to better understand the relationship between working conditions, health of employees, and organisational success, and to develop innovative tools and strategies to improve employees’ health at work. Internationally renowned scientists were invited to speak at the event, e.g. Barbara Wisse from Groningen University, Evangelia Demerouti from Eindhoven, and Cornelia Niessen from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Kenneth Malm and Micke Östberg gave a ProMES workshop to the participating PhD students from 13 different countries. Here you find the summer school website

The Variety of Psychology

ProMES ECC presenting at the Congress of the German Psychological Association (DGPs)

The 2014 DGPs-Congress was held at Ruhr University Bochum. Colin Roth presented his work on ProMES among sports teams. The "Ruhr-Original" Hartwig Fuhrmann was joining Colin and his colleagues and opened fruitful insights to both nightlife and culture of the Ruhr-Area. Here you find more about DGPs

Science You Can Use

VDKA-conference Umea, Sweden

Evidence Based Practise is spreading all over Europe. VDKA stands for Science You Can Use. Our friends and partners from Ledarskapscentrum invited to the University of Umea. Not only top ranked speakers Francesca Gino and Michael West were the garantors for a successful event. Kenneth and Colin experienced great hospitality and friendship. Cheers to our hosts from Ledarskapscentrum!

Green Lights for ProMES

Annual Conference 2013 - Dortmund, Germany

This year's annual meeting has been taken place in Dortmund, Germany. Kenneth Malm (ProMES Sweden), Tom Speelman and Dimitri Maenhoudt (PerCo) and Colin Roth (BlackBox/Open) made their way to the Ruhr-Metropole. Host and Co-Founder of ProMES-ECC, Hartwig Fuhrmann (t-velopment), has organized a fruitful event that has opened perspectives for the future of the platform. Important decisions were made including a ProMES Convention for 2014 which will take place in Brussels, Belgium. Stay tuned, there's more to come.

Science meets Practise

EAWOP conference 2013 - Muenster, Germany

Yasmin Schmelzer & Colin Roth from BlackBox/Open were representing ProMES ECC at the University of Muenster - Yasmin presented her work on ProMES as a strategic management tool in combination with the Balanced Scorecard. You can download her poster here.

Strengthening Partnership

Annual Conference 2012 - Stockholm, Sweden

The annual meeting 2012 was conducted in Stockholm & Örebro, Sweden. We're glad to welcome our new members Frank Rengelink and Patrick Vermeren from PerCo, Belgium to our group. Mateja Majerle and Colin Roth (BlackBox/Open), Hartwig Fuhrmann (t-velopment) and Robert Gustafson (visuell analys) were teaming up at Swedens vital capital. Thanks to our host Kenneth Malm from ProMES Sweden, who has organized a great event with inspiring discussions, a nice train ride through Southern Sweden and a live Keynote Speech by the inventor of ProMES, Robert D. Pritchard.

The Foundation

Founding Conference 2011 - Nuremberg, Germany

The ProMES ECC group came together at Nuremberg, Germany. Colin Roth and his team from BlackBox/Open were hosting the event at their city office. Hartwig Fuhrmann (t-velopment), Robert Gustafson (visuell analys) and Kenneth Malm (ProMES Sweden) were making important decisions for the foundation of ProMES ECC.