"ProMES is founded on sound science and supported by more empirical research than any other productivity tool in management."

Dr. Brandon L. Young, Psynet Group
Brandon has been a ProMES-Facilitator since 2008. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida where he was advised by the founder of ProMES, Dr. Robert Pritchard. Brandon is a seasoned consultant, researcher, and educator. He is an expert at measuring and analyzing people, behavior, and performance and adept at partnering with organizations to assess and improve their management practices.

The Company

Psynet Group
Psynet Group is a management consulting firm comprised of doctoral level corporate psychologists that provides talent management services including individual assessment, organizational assessment and network analysis, team building, and leadership and strategy development.

We apply proprietary online assessments (e.g., Psybil®) and expert interviews to assess individuals for selection, succession planning, professional development, and restructuring. We measure professional needs and motivations, critical thinking skills, attributions for successes and failures, and personal thinking styles. Individuals' assessment data are viewed in the context of teams to determine role fit, while also identifying areas of synergy and potential obstacles to team success.

We accompany our assessments with processes to establish organizational structures and build teams and develops leaders. These interventions, delivered by our experienced team, take the assessment results beyond decision making to value creation.

ProMES focus

Our practices are based in science and aligned with the principles of ProMES. We build organizational structures that nurture feedback cultures and push decision-making to those who are closest to the impact of the decision. We also identify organizational networks and influencers, and assess and move people to their most effective roles.


Dr. Brandon L. Young
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