Performance Coaching

"ProMES is the only performance management system to date that has been developed scientifically and has passed strict peer review."

Patrick Vermeren, PerCo, Belgium


We are a team of senior coaches and consultants with extensive business experience.
PerCo is currently known as

- a highly reliable partner – maybe even the most reliable – in the field of Human Resources leadership and communication training and advice;

- the Belgian expert on individual and executive coaching;

- the Belgian expert in facilitation.

We like to share our knowledge with our clients. We do this by means of our newsletter and web site, under the “Learning Corner” section. This has a keyword glossary, learning rules, recommended literature, and an opportunity to test your evidence-based knowledge of HR science.

We also continue to keep our knowledge up to standard internally by arranging an in-house study session every three weeks, during which we discuss new scientific developments, invite scientists with highly specific knowledge or provide internal training courses.

The Company

Performance Coaching
PerCo is a Human Resources service provider, that strives to operate by exclusively using an evidence-based approach. Our services include, providing policy advice, quality training and coaching programmes (both for individuals and groups) and working group and workshop facilitation.

Three reasons to choose PerCo:

- Passion and know-how… always scientifically sound!

- Simple, visual, attractive…and accurate models.

- We practise what we recommend!

ProMES focus

For who? Any organisation willing to merge productivity and well-being.